Episode 57: Let’s Try This Skype-Thing Again

It’s 2015 and ECB is embracing new technologies such as the internet…and Skype. Yep, we did another Skype-cast and this one doesn’t sound like it was recording from inside a riding mower. As part of ECB’s new “lean and mean” branding I’ll wrap up this episode description and get on with the timestamps.


00:00 – 17:08 #Trending: Super Bowl/Deflategate


17:09 – 24:10 #Trending: The Return of The X-Files?


24:11 – TV: Togetherness/Justified/Always Sunny/Broad City


Intro/Outro Music: Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Cheated Hearts


Episode 56

Like an oasis in the desert that is the ECB podcast feed the Core Four returns to The Seana for one last time in 2014. Join us for our traditional end of the year wrap-up where we discuss things we have already talked about in the past as well as our traditional throwing around of segment ideas that we will likely never get to. All that and the much-anticipated return of Pucks with Powers  this week, on ECB.

/cue Serial piano clinks


00:00 – 14:59 Intro/Holiday Wrap-up/Pucks with Powers


15:00 – 27:15 Giants Talk/random sports tangents


27:16 – 33:30 #Trending – The Interview


33:31 – 1:00:45  Best of 2014 (TV and Music)

Episode 54: The Cup of Life

The Core Four is not immune to World Cup Fever and neither are our guests so we felt it was a great time to bring back our friend Philyodaddy to preview the world’s most popular sporting event. In addition to a long discussion about the beautiful game we did some more Likes/Dislikes and previewed the two newest beernovations, Coors Light Summer Brew and Miller Fortune.


00:00 – 03:40 Intro


00:03:41 – 24:33 Likes/Dislikes (random TV, Pucks w/Powers, NBA Finals, Dark Souls 2, Star Wars Episode 7 Casting, the “Yes” chant)


24:34 – 59:48 World Cup Preview


59:49 – 1:10:57 Beernovations (Coors Light Summer Brew, Miller Fortune)


(N.B. Episode 53 was mislabeled as Episode 54, this is the real Episode 54 continuing the long tradition of illogical ECB episode numbering)


(N.B. 2: we did not record a reaction to the Game of Thrones board game, hopefully we will have one for you at a later date)

Episode 54: Are You Sure?


The long cold winter is over and with its end we see the Core Four (or Three in this week’s case) thawed out and ready to discuss a mere four months of content. Powers may have left the gang for sunny Cali this time but the remaining Trio have plenty to talk about in his absence and they don’t even have to carve out time for hockey talk.


00:00 – 00:27:59  Intro + Likes/Dislikes (Review, Workaholics, Justified, Searching for Sugarman, House of Cards, Hannibal, Blue Jasmine, “Meola’s Corner” (aka Quick Hits), Hannibal Buress, Bravely Default, Gary Williams, Draft Day


28:00 – 37:29 New York Giants Free Agency


37:30 – 42:19 Premier League


42:20 – 49:14 Music (Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks, The War on Drugs, Real Estate)


49:15  - 01:24:55 TV (Letterman/Colbert, True Detective, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, The Americans)

Episode 52: Wrapping Up 2013


The Fall hiatus is over as the Core Four returns to The Seana to discuss recent happenings in sports, getting blocked by Grantland’s head football writer on twitter, and looking back on music, movies, and TV in 2013.


00:00 – 13:48 Intro + Loose Talk (what everyone’s been up to, Aziz Ansari’s modern romance focus group, Bill Barnwell blocks two of us on Twitter)


13:48 – 18:13 USMNT World Cup Draw


18:14 – 22:15 Pucks w/Powers (US Olympic Hockey Team)


22:16 – 30:48 Mets/Yankees Hot Stove


30:49 – 40:22 Putting the Giants Season to Bed


40:23 – 55:30 2013 In Review: Music


55:31 – 1:04:50 2013 In Review: Movies


1:04:51 – 1:17:20 2013 In Review: TV


1:17:21 – 1:32:20 Things That Ended In 2013 (The Best Show, The Walkmen)



Intro Music: Haim – Forever


Outro Music: Arcade Fire – Afterlife